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Business News, Business Advice, Business Insights & tips that will help small business save time, money and find resources to help grow and plan for the future.

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Business News & Insights.

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New to business and looking to set up your own business?

There are a lot of great resources on how to set up a new business in New Zealand. Thankfully, the government provides lots of helpful information, and setting a business couldn’t be easier with all the tools they provide.

For the complete guide, you can simply click here.

Or, if you prefer to be able to use the governments ONEcheck you can click here.

Whatever you do, make sure your business is viable, that you choose the correct setup/structure at the start, that you get great advice (I can help with that) and that you create a business plan and understand the financial costs and understanding of what it takes to make a business profitable (I can help with that too).

Setting up a business is easy in New Zealand, you can do it here at the companies office, all online and very easily. But, just be sure you have got it all correct first by following the information above.

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